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Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East

Art Director

I was brought on board as Art Director for the launch of the Middle East edition - the first English edition outside the US, which was followed by Bloomberg Arabic.

In addition to the publication and its digital edition, I had oversight of our online presence, events and marketing collateral. I had the creative freedom to experiment and really make our visuals, and brand, stand out. This saw me create illustrations, infographics, motion graphics, animations, as well as direct photoshoots and ensure quality layouts. One of my favourite aspects of the role was creating the front covers, which let me experiment with a variety of design styles, imagery and typography. Playing with form, styles, headlines and animation, I enjoyed moving away from the serious tone of traditional business approaches, while ensuring consistency with Bloomberg HQ in New York.

Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton

Cover concept for the 2016 US Presidential election aimed to make a statement about the candidates. It was covered in AdAge and was exhibited in the London Design Museum.


Combining motion graphics and model making to bring this cover story to life, with some fun along the way!


To move away from standard cover treatments for Emirates Airlines, I played with the paper aeroplane concept for something more interactive.

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